Sunday, January 12, 2014

Rough Week

Hey all! It's been a while since I last posted.  2014 has had a rocky start for us so far. The weather here in the Midwest has extended my kid's Christmas break and extra week.  Three weeks of them home has definitely got things around our place a little hectic.  They are restless and I am ready to get things back on schedule.  The snow has also kept my farmer guy from his full time concrete job.  Almost five weeks off work makes things tough.  And to top it all off, my farmer guy and I spent the last week up at the hospital with our little guy.  He became horribly sick last week and spent five days in the hospital, with three of those being in ICU.  I am more than happy to say that he is feeling much better and we are all back home! God has been good to us!  I am very grateful for everyone who sent us well wishes and helped us out with our two girls so we were able to be at the hospital the entire time.  We have amazing friends and family!  We are blessed beyond what we deserve.

With that being said, now that I am home and things are semi back to normal, I will be working my fanny off on a very special project.  (believe me, my fanny needs to be worked off)  My oldest daughter will be turning 16 on February 6. (omg, that makes me feel so old!)  I am planning a surprise party for her and will be making decorations.  We haven't had a birthday party around our place since the kids were much smaller.

Since this is her 16th birthday, I am planning a "sweet" theme party, complete with cupcakes and candy galore!  I started making some cute cupcake toppers this afternoon.  I will also be making a fun banner to hang, party favors for our guests and some candy jars full of goodies! I will start posting pictures tomorrow when my kids finally go back to school and I can work on things without having to worry about wandering eyes!

Love, Hugs & Blessing!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Baby It's Cold Outside

Hey all! Last night here in the Midwest, we were blanketed with about 6 inches of snow.  It looks simply beautiful from our living room window with the trees and tractors snow covered.  That being said, our temperatures are supposed to drop down in the negative digits tonight, with the wind chill being nearly -20.  I am so thankful to be sitting in a warm house with a full belly, watching television with the family.

My farmer guy and I took a few minutes to go check on some of our new calves that have been born during this cold snap.  With all of the snow on the ground and the freezing temps, we like to check on them a few times a day. On our way to check in on the fur babies, we noticed a car slid off the road into the ditch.  We stopped to see if they needed help.  It was two teen boys just sitting waiting for help. My farmer guy grabbed a chain from the back of the truck and pulled them out.  While all this was going on, I couldn't help but think about how cold they must have been sitting in their car in the ditch.  They weren't wearing coats and their car wouldn't stay running because of all the snow they were in.  If they were freezing sitting in a cold car for an hour, how cold must those who are homeless on nights like tonight be? It made my heart ache for those who aren't able to get warm tonight. I hope that those goodie bags my sister and I made and provided for Christmas are at least keeping some hands warm tonight. I just wish everyone could be blessed with enough warmth to make it through this cold.

I hope to be getting back into some sort of routine now that the kids are headed back to school after a two week holiday break. I plan on bellying up to the kitchen table tomorrow and crafting away.  I will make sure to post pictures of my project as soon as I am finished.

I hope that wherever you are tonight, you are warm!

Love, Hugs & Blessings!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year, New Beginnings

Hey all! A new year means new beginnings, which I think is super fabulous.  I need to start each year with a clean slate, its good for my sanity! lol. I sat down this morning to reflect over 2013 and set a few goals for 2014. All-in-all, in 2013 I was blessed way beyond measure with more than I deserved. I am truly thankful for everything in my life! The end of 2013 caught me off guard with a few surprises, which made me more excited about the new year.

I know that statistics say something like 80% of people don't follow through with their new year's resolutions. (not positive of that statistic, but it sounds about right.) Too many times I have found myself in that large bracket of non follow throughers. (I know that's not an accurate word, but it sounds good to me.) This year I am setting my sights high, I am aiming for the stars.  I'm a dreamer, it's just who I am.  I want to find myself striving to be a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend this year.  I am going to try to quit complaining about piddly little things, and focus on the bigger picture and be grateful for the little things. I want to really focus on my crafting by learning new techniques, getting outside my comfort zone, and really taking my projects to the next level.  I want to create projects that I am proud to have my name on and share with others. I want to learn all there is to having a successful blog and really strive to get my name out there.

And finally, I am going to really chose my words wisely.  In 2013 I learned a lot about how much words can hurt. They hurt no matter what age you are.  They hurt, they linger and they can not be taken back! I will be listening more and putting thought into each word that leaves my lips.  I want all my words to be well thought out and spoken with love.

Here's to a fabulous 2014!

Love, Hugs & Blessings!